Listed Farmers

The raw milk producers listed below have met, and agreed to continue to meet, the RAWMI Common Standards for the production of reliable, clean raw milk. They regularly test their milk for pathogens, have in place a Risk Analysis and Management Plan (RAMP), and operate in an open and transparent manner.

Follow the links below to learn more about each listed raw milk producer and view their test results and documentation.

If you’re a raw milk producer and are interested in RAWMI listing download the application and contact us.
If you’re a raw milk consumer, ask your farmer to consider becoming listed with RAWMI and help expand the network of raw milk producers who are helping to expand public knowledge about safe raw milk production by holding themselves publicly accountable.

 Listed Farmers

  1. Champoeg Creamery (St. Paul, Oregon)
  2. Organic Pastures Dairy Company (Fresno, California)
  3. Cast Iron Farm (McMinnville, Oregon)
  4. British Columbia dairy *
  5. Kid Creek Pastures (Mt. Shasta, California)**
  6. The Family Cow (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)
  7. Our Ground Up (Wilton, California)
  8. My Sister’s Farm (Shingle Springs, California)
  9. P A Bowen Farmstead (Brandywine, Maryland)
  10. Fond du Lac Farms (Casa Grande, Arizona)
  11. Siskiyou Farm and Food Co-op (Grenada, California)
  12. Just Earth Farm (Junction City, Oregon)
  13. Ontario dairy*
  14. Ontario dairy*
  15. Free Hand Farm (Placerville, California)
  16. Godspeed Hollow (Newberg, Oregon)
  17. Churchtown Dairy (Hudson, New York)

* Due to the legal situation in Canada, the owners of this dairy have requested that their information not be made public. The dairy, which has completed documentation of protocols and continues to test monthly, is listed here but does not yet have its own page on our site.

**Kid Creek Pastures is no longer a cow share operation. While in operation, they were Listed with the Raw Milk Institute from July 2013-July 2018.