The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) is a non-profit international organization to promote and support the safe and hygienic production of raw milk and raw milk products for direct human consumption. RAWMI teaches well-established scientific principles and good manufacturing methods to assist farmers to produce hygienic safe raw milk. RAWMI assists farmers in developing and writing up risk assessment and management plans (RAMP) covering their whole farms. Farms that have established basic criteria for biosecurity, animal welfare, animal management, nutrition, animal health, and milking hygiene and product handling can apply to be listed by RAWMI. Listed RAWMI farmers have in-depth knowledge of potential risks with their own production system, good knowledge regarding the beneficial effects of raw milk and have demonstrated that raw milk can be very safe. Listed farmers comply with RAWMI common standards, and these include at least monthly milk testing to evaluate basic milk hygiene parameters.

RAWMI serves as an information resource, both for the dairy industry and for consumers looking to make an informed decision about the safety and benefits of raw milk. RAWMI encourages, promotes, and undertakes research, using approved scientific methods, to inform and enhance our education, outreach, and training programs.

RAWMI is headquartered near Kerman, California, in one of the top dairy and agriculture centers in the world. Founder and director Mark McAfee is a passionate raw milk producer that generously shares his experience. Two board directors, Dr. Catharina Berge and Dr. Ton Baars, are located in Europe and provide broad scientific competence ranging from biological/organic/wholistic farming methods to microbial and epidemiological veterinary medicine. The board of directors has since its foundation in 2011 worked without compensation, fuelled by our passion for raw milk. RAWMI is funded through generous donations, and the ongoing support of our members, and grants.

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