Want to Become RAWMI Listed?

Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) Listed farmers are dedicated to producing clean, safe raw milk. They develop a plan for managing the health and hygiene of their farm, and test their milk regularly to ensure compliance with the RAWMI Common Standards for low-risk raw milk. RAWMI Listing is the gold standard for raw milk producers!

Whether you are a micro dairy or sell raw dairy products across the nation, our team of experts can help you.

Here’s how the RAWMI Listing process works:


The Listing application introduces your farm to RAWMI, providing basic details such as the size of your herd, on-site facilities, and your background in producing milk.


Your Risk Assessment and Management Plan (RAMP) will be unique to your own individual farm and conditions. The RAMP will establish basic criteria for biosecurity, animal welfare, animal management, nutrition, animal health, milking hygiene and product handling. By developing your RAMP, you will gain in-depth knowledge of potential risks in your own production system, so that you can produce low-risk raw milk.

mentoring with rawmi

RAWMI will provide one-on-one mentoring to help you refine your RAMP and identify any potential trouble-spots for producing low-risk raw milk.

Test Your MIlk

Once your raw milk production system has been optimized, you will be ready to have your milk tested to ensure that it complies with RAWMI Common Standards for low-risk raw milk.

Common Standards

As a fundamental resource for both the producers and consumers of raw milk, RAWMI has carefully considered and published the following guidelines and raw milk production standards. These Common Standards took more than ten months to develop and were considered, commented on, and edited by an international group of medical doctors, PhDs, veterinarians, epidemiologists, scientists, food safety experts, nutritional consultants, researchers, raw milk producers, and finally consumers. A version of these Common Standards was adopted by the CDFA Small Herd Working Group and will be utilized as the standards basis for self-certification for California Micro Dairies.

These standards are not a guarantee of perfectly safe food. However, when followed diligently, these guidelines will dramatically reduce the risk of illness from consumption of raw milk and improve the safety of raw milk. The Common Standards serve as the basis for RAWMI farmer listing, and are a portal to a world of continued learning.

The production of safe raw milk is a long-term mission, never fully completed or fully perfected. There will always be something to learn and much to teach. As new information is discovered and technology evolves, these Common Standards may change to reflect that information and discovery.


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