As a regulator you are tasked with food safety and enforcement of current laws and regulations. We understand this public service.

RAWMI was founded to address the chaos and confusion of 50 different states with fifty different regulations that pertain to raw milk for human consumption. Some states outlaw raw milk entirely; others regulate it and permit its sale in stores. Others mandate that farmers can sell raw milk off the farm but cannot advertize the availability of raw milk.

The current state of raw milk affairs is not good for farmers and certainly not good for consumers that seek out safe clean raw milk.

We ask that you look at the data that is presented at RAWMI and compare the bacteria test results that the RAWMI listed farmers get from testing their products. You will find that when a farmer uses checklists, a food safety plan that assures certain conditions prevail at his farm and tests the final products, the result is a consistently safe raw milk product.

RAWMI does not promise perfection. No food can promise perfection in food safety. RAWMI promises a management of risk and a dramatic reduction of risk. Please remember that the CDC does not have one recorded death from consumption of raw milk since beginning its recording of illness data in 1973. At least 80 deaths have been recorded from pasteurized milk (if the Jalisco pasteurized cheese incident is included). More than 422,000 illnesses are listed under pasteurized milk at the CDC since 1973, but only 1100 are recorded under raw milk.

When hearings are held in state legislatures, the first thing that a processor will say is that raw milk is inherently unsafe. This is partially true. When raw milk is produced as intended to be pasteurized there is no concern for cleanliness and pathogens are routinely found in this mixed together milk from 50 farms that goes for processing. This is not high quality raw milk for human consumption. Raw milk for human consumption is carefully managed under food safety plans, advanced testing protocols and is never commingled together with other milks.

As a regulator, you will hear that moms cannot feed their children pasteurized milk because of allergies and difficulty in digestion and demand safe raw milk for their families. You will also hear processors trying to protect their interests and market share.

Ultimately, the decision must rest with the will of the people and the health of our next generation. Please do your own research and appreciate the data. The real data. That data is available right here at RAWMI where Listed Farmers demonstrate the safety of their products as a matter of routine. These Listed farmers represent new jobs for America. These Listed farmers also represent tens of thousands of happy healthy VOTING consumers. As a regulator we ask you to become neutral on this subject and allow the science and the data to measure safety. It is ultimately unfair to deny science or the demonstrated data. It is ultimately unsafe to deny a mom a food that is non allergenic and only allow highly allergenic no digestible foods to be provided in the market place.

Please be friendly to change as new emerging data on raw milk and its safety comes forward.