Who Are You?

The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) works for the benefit and provides resources for dairy consumers, farmers, legislators, and regulators.


RAWMI provides the consumer with the tools to be able to understand what safe raw milk is and who is producing high quality raw milk in their area.


RAWMI is dedicated to serving farmers who want to produce safe, high quality raw milk for their local markets. Listed farmers active safety plans and the bacteria counts are posted, to demonstrate the care and diligence of their hard work. Data submitted by farmers to RAWMI is then openly available for the public to view.


Legislators are charged with representing their voters and passing laws that represent the will of the voters. More and more consumers are turning to raw milk to avoid issues such as allergies and digestive problems and to, simultaneously, dramatically increase the nutrient value of their milk. We invite you to review the data and see for yourself how safe raw milk can be if managed properly.


Regulators are tasked with food safety and enforcement of current laws and regulations. RAWMI was founded to address the chaos and confusion of 50 different states with 50 different regulations that pertain to raw milk for human consumption.