Campaign for Real Milk

A Campaign for Real Milk (a project of The Weston A. Price Foundation) provides a wealth of information on raw milk, including its history, safety record, benefits, and current issues. Their site map is a great page to browse.

Raw Milk Map

Maintained by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, this map of the United State shows, state by state, what’s legal and what’s not.

Where is My Milk From?

This easy-to-use site will let you figure out which producer your milk is from.

UC Davis Splash! Milk Science Update Newsletter

Founded by Danielle Lemay in March 2012 with financial assistance from the California Dairy Research Foundation and the International Milk Genomics Consortium, this monthly publication highlights advances milk science.

Raw Milk Symposium

The annual Raw Milk Symposium is presented by the Weston A. Price Foundation. The 2015 symposium was streamed live on Monday, November 16th. (The 2011 symposium is available to view on Ustream.)

Dairy Products and the French paradox: Could alkaline phosphatases play a role?

‘The French paradox’ – high saturated fat consumption but low incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality – is still unresolved and continues to be a matter of debate and controversy. Recently, it was hypothesised that the high consumption of dairy products, and especially cheese by the French population might contribute to the explanation of the French paradox. This peer-reviewed article looks at the “alkaline phosphatase” hypothesis. Alkaline phosphatase (IAP), a potent endogenous anti-inflammatory enzyme, is directly stimulated by various components of milk.

The Effects of Pasteurization and BCM7 Protein Levels in Raw Milk

This peer reviewed and published 2007 study performed by Polish researchers found that raw A1 and A2 milk was the same when RAW with trace differences of the BCM7. However, when that same raw milk was processed with high heat, the processed A1 milk expressed high levels of BCM7 casomorphine.

This study strongly suggests that it is not the raw milk from A1 or A2 cows that is the problem because their milk is virtually the same when raw, it is the processing of the milk that is the problem. When A1 milk is heated the BCM 7 levels rise and potential issues become significant.

This also strongly suggests that the entire A1-A2 issue became a health matter in the last 80 years and has not been a health issue for thousands of years when raw milk was consumed all over the world with excellent health benefits.