Listed Farmer: Robert Greenfield

Location: Meaford, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Robert Greenfield, 519-538-1553,
How to Buy: Herd sharing memberships are the only way to access raw milk from this farm. There are “no” raw milk sales to the general public. Prospective members are interviewed and screened to determine their eligibility to acquire a purchased 2 year term membership.  This farm does “not” have a delivery system in place.

img_20160523_202511346_hdrProfile: Robert,involved with agriculture all his life, is a  second generation farmer on his 25 acre mixed livestock farm. Jerseys are his cows of choice because of their beauty, gentle disposition and high solids milk content. The farm boasts a beautiful view of Georgian Bay and  is only a few minutes walk to waterfront.. This raw dairy had its beginnings 5 years ago with the purchase of the first family cow, fulfilling a life long desire to develop a viable and sustainable micro farm. Although the farm is not certified organic it does follow organic farming practices with an emphasis on grass pasturing for approximately 6 months of the year and dry hay throughout  the winter season. Only very small amounts of grain , less than 5 pounds per cow per day, are fed . Besides operating the farm Robert continues to work in the feed industry as a dairy cattle feed advisor and also markets a foliar fertilizer for a company located in Ohio.

Protocols / Documentation:

Test Results:

Date Standard Plate Count (SPC) Coliforms
October 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
September 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
August 2017 (cows not being milked)
July 2017 (cows not being milked)
June 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
May 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
April 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
March 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
February 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
January 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
December 2016 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml