Listed Farmer: Just Earth Farm

Location: Junction City, OregonJEFarmily_smallest_web_version
Contact: Susanne Stover,, (541) 234-3661,
How to Buy: Just Earth Farm does not sell milk to the public. Milk is produced from the privately-owned herd and is available exclusively to herd co-owners. To inquire about how to purchase a share and become a herd co-owner, please visit our website.

Profile: Joe Ramagli and Susanne Stover began their farming adventure in 2007, when they met at Happy Heart Farm, a biodynamic CSA in Colorado. When their own farm finally became a reality in 2013, producing the safest and most delicious raw milk possible began with training under RAWMI-listed farmers, and has become a passion for the entire Just Earth Farm Team.

Their Oregon farm’s rolling hills are a perfect place for happy cows to make sweet, nutritionally-complete milk. The cows rotate through paddocks in their organically-managed pastures most of the year, and are supplemented with fragrant, local organic meadow hay, organic alfalfa, organic grains, and organic molasses when needed. With free-choice access to the 16 different minerals that help them stay healthy, their daily hugs from their farm stewards, a cozy barn with organic straw for bedding when it’s raining and cold, and 25 acres of grass to eat, it’s no wonder the cows moo hearts.

The Dutch Belted and Jersey cows at Just Earth farm are privately owned by the community members who purchase shares in the herd. The milk they produce is for the exclusive use in the private homes of their owners. Only herd members may obtain the delicious milk produced by the Just Earth Farm herd.

Protocols / Documentation:

Test Results:

Date Standard Plate Count (SPC) Coliforms
October 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
September 2017 (cows not being milked)
August 2017 (cows not being milked)
July 2017 (cows not being milked)
June 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
May 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
April 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
March 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
February 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
January 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
December 2016 ( no results – sample damaged)
November 2016 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
October 2016 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
September 2016 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml