Listed Dairy: Godspeed Hollow

Location: Newberg, Oregon
Contact: Sarah King,, 503-515-7293,
How to Buy: Direct farm sales only; contact Sarah for details

Profile: ​Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Godspeed Hollow is a small, raw milk dairy operated by Bubba and Sarah King. As 5th generation community members, the primary focus and purpose of the farm’s work is to establish and maintain local access to food and drink for generations to come. While the farm provides a diverse product offering to community members, dairy cows have become the farm’s primary focus.

Godspeed represents our journey to the farm , through the support of family and friends and those who came before us on the property. It is a sentiment meaning best wishes for safe and prosperous journey. Our mission is to ensure all who we work with and whom visit our farm find care and nourishment, respite from their journey, and Godspeed.

Protocols / Documentation:

Test Results:

(For detailed test results, visit the Godspeed Hollow website.)

Date Standard Plate Count (SPC) Coliforms
November 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
October 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml (not tested)
September 2018 (no testing)
August 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
July 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
June 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
May 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
April 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml