Listed Farmer: Free Hand Farm

Location: Placerville, California
Contact: Spencer & Melissa Tregilgas,, 530-295-9458
How to Buy: Free Hand Farm does not sell milk. Milk from the farm is available to the co-owners of the cows through a herdshare program. For more information about the herdshare please contact Spencer or Melissa Tregilgas. please visit our website.

Profile: Free Hand Farm is run by Spencer and Melissa Tregilgas and their 3 daughters, on 95 acres of California foothill pasture. The small herd of Jerseys and Jersey cross cows is owned by members of the herdshare and kept on pasture year round, supplemented seasonally with hay and a small amount of non-gmo grain. Using careful management of the land and the animals grazing it, Free Hand Farm works to grow healthy soil, healthy animals, and delicious, richly satisfying food.

Along with raw pastured Jersey milk for members of the herdshare, Free Hand Farm also provides pastured eggs, grassfed lamb, grassfed beef, pastured pork and farm-grown wool products to their community.

Spencer and Melissa are committed to providing the highest quality milk possible to their share owners, while building a farm that is biodiverse and truly sustainable.

Protocols / Documentation:

Test Results:

Date Standard Plate Count (SPC) Coliforms
April 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
March 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
February 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
January 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
December 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
November 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
October 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
September 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml
August 2017 < 15,000 cfu/ml < 25 cfu/ml

**As of 1/1/18, RAWMI has updated the testing Common Standards to be <5000 cfu/ml for Standard Plate Count (SPC) and <10 cfu/ml for Coliforms. Find more information here: RAWMI Common Standards