Listed Dairy: Churchtown Dairy

Location: Hudson, New York
Contact: Kam Bellamy, (518) 851-2042,
How to Buy: Direct farm sales only; contact for details

Profile: ​A project of the Foundation for Agricultural Integrity, the Churchtown Dairy is a biodynamic raw milk dairy farm that strives to serve as a beacon for those working to promote regenerative agriculture and restorative communities. Located on 250 acres in Claverack, NY our herd is comprised of 28 dairy cows and about an equal number of young stock and beef cattle. Our Brown Swiss, Jersey and Guernsey stock eat a primarily grass-fed diet and are given a life as in tune as possible with their natural rhythm. Calves are kept with their mothers and run with the herd, causing a slight decrease in milk production but also reducing stress on both the mother and the calf and thereby contributing to the harmony of the herd.

Calves who are unable to be kept as replacement heifers are raised for ground beef or veal, with the same care and attention as is given to the dairy cows. We also keep a number of pigs who feast on excess milk and whey from cheese production, as well as grain and table scraps. We strive to create a whole-system farm, in which nothing is wasted and all is either eaten or properly composted.

Working with the rhythms of the land, the sun, and the farmers, we work to create a farm that is both beautiful and healthy for the land, the animals, the farmers, the water, and our surrounding community.

Protocols / Documentation:

Test Results:

(For detailed test results, visit the Churchtown website.)

Date Standard Plate Count (SPC) Coliforms
March 2019 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
February 2019 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
January 2019 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
December 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
November 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml
October 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml (no testing)
September 2018 < 5,000 cfu/ml < 10 cfu/ml