Free Calf Health Webinar Tomorrow

RAWMI board member Dr. Cat Berge is presenting a free 20-minute webinar entitled “Manage Your Calves!” Tuesday morning (8am PDT / 11am EDT). While this isn’t a RAWMI event, all are welcome to attend the event.

This webinar will focus on:

  • Optimum colostrum management
  • Milk or milk replacer feed
  • Grain or hay
  • Gradual timely weaning


Many dairy cows never reach their full milk production potential due to failures in management and feeding in pre-weaned heifers. Young heifers are the future of the dairy herd, ensuring that their health is in optimal condition results in cost-effective growth.

Dr. Anna Catharina Berge, Berge Veterinary Consulting BVBA will discuss each of these issues and advise on the best practical solutions.

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