RAMP Writing Webinar Coming October 27, 2016

“RAMP” stands for Risk Assessment and Management Plan, and the concept is at the heart of RAWMI’s mission. All farmers who go through the LISTING process with RAWMI prepare a RAMP plan for their farm. All the plans are different, taking into consideration the unique conditions of each farm, but the process of creating the RAMP plan is common to all.

Ever since the founding of RAWMI, it has been the writing of the RAMP plan that has been identified as the single highest and hardest hurdle for RAWMI applicants to clear.

To help explain the process, Mark McAfee, the founder and CEO of the Raw Milk Institute, presents a webinar on how to write a RAMP plan.

12:00 PM Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM GMT

It seems that “farmers just know what they do and they do it” with few plans or processes in writing. However, in “just doing it,” farmers can miss so much, and not realize how much more can and should be done to manage and reduce raw milk production risk.

As a farmer-friendly tool, the RAMP plan assures that, “from grass to glass,” risks have been identified, explained and are continually managed. Insurance carriers may even appreciate the risk management effort and allow renewal at lower rates. (Yes, this has happened for a few of our LISTED farmers!)

Most of all, consumers will appreciate the added confidence, delicious flavor, long shelf-life, and the low risk profile of wonderful, safe raw milk.

Mark will explain the RAMP writing and assessment process in an easy to understand, step-by-step webinar.

Please join us to take the mystery out of writing a RAMP plan.

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