Testimonials, stories of those whose lives have been changed by raw milk, are an important part of the ongoing research of the Raw Milk Institute.

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Raw milk heals!! I have been considered “lactose intolerant” for most of my childhood and adult life. Every time I drink pastuerized milk I have severe stomach pains and nausea. When my three daughters were weaned from breastfeeding and began to drink pasteurized milk they would have the same symptoms along with severe constipation that led to many urinary tract infections.

My youngest, now two years old, refused to drink pasteurized milk and would throw her sippy cup of milk across the room because it gave her so much discomfort. I tried all the baby formulas, rice milk etc. and they all made her symptoms worse.

A dear friend and Weston A. Price Chapter co-leader gave us a gallon of raw milk to try over a year ago. All I can say is WOW!!!!! What a difference from day one of drinking the raw milk. Instantly, upon the first sip, my daughters and I were hooked. It was delicious and soothing. None of the symptoms we had with pasteurized milk occurred with raw milk!

Today, our guts are healed! Our pediatrician noticed how well my children looked and that their symptoms and infections had stopped. She now informs her other patients of the benefits of raw milk.

My children beg for raw milk every day and love to go to the farm where we purchase it. My two year old runs to the farmer’s refrigerator and happily squeals, “I wanta my milka now Mommy!” Thank you for protecting raw milk – milk the way it was meant to be!! (LW)


A number of years ago, I contracted a food-borne illness from some grapes I bought at a local grocery store. I was very sick with diarrhea. It kept getting worse and worse so I went to the doctor. He treated me with an antibiotic and the “sickness” went away, but the diarrhea stayed. I had many tests done, and we tried medication but nothing helped and all the tests came back negative. The doctor decided I had “Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” But nothing helped! Finally, after TWO YEARS of diarrhea, I tried some RAW goat milk. After ONE glass of the milk, I could tell I was getting better. Withing 24 hours I was a “new person.” Even to this day, about 4 years later, if I drink the raw milk every day, I am fine. If I don’t, the diarrhea comes back. As a result, we keep a milk goat which is very nice, but it does tie us down, certainly. It would be such a blessing to have ready access to raw milk that I could purchase locally and legally! (YB)


I was a strict vegan for about four or five years in my mid 20s. My choice to become vegan was initially based on my concerns about animal welfare, but I soon became an advocate of a vegan diet for ‘health’ reasons as well. I really did believe that a diet containing animal foods – any amount – was unhealthy. I believed this so totally that even when I began to lose the good health I’d long enjoyed, it took me a long time to see that it was my vegan diet that was making me sick.

After going through my teenage years with barely one pimple, at the end of my vegan years I had acne.

I also developed a chronic and painful bladder condition, diagnosed unofficially as Interstitial Cystitis (unofficially because official diagnosis involves an in-hospital procedure). I was told this was an incurable disease that would almost certainly get worse through my life. I was in despair. I was so uncomfortable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At the age of 26, the thought that this discomfort would be with me through my entire life, and would increase and could lead to bladder removal, was unspeakably depressing, and terrifying.

I was also severely anemic. After having my iron levels tested, my doctor wondered how I ever got up in the morning.

My legs were covered with enormous and colorful bruises that appeared for no apparent reason.

Worst of all, I was tired all the time. It was hard to do anything. I could feel something was wrong. I just didn’t know what it could possibly be, since I was vegan, and surely had the healthiest diet a person could have. Didn’t I??????

By the grace of God I found out about ‘real food’ one March day in 2010. Reading about raw milk, pasteured meats and eggs, and the importance of fat, among other things, amazingly something clicked in my long-vegan (and no doubt B-12 deprived) brain, and I just knew what I was reading was the truth. And, slowly, I began to change my diet…

A lot changed – my whole diet changed, in fact. But I always felt that the introduction of organic, raw, whole milk from pasture-fed cows was the key to the complete revolution in my health that occurred over the following couple of years. I live in California and did drink a fair bit of Organic Pastures milk.

The acne disappeared (and my skin has a smoothness and a glow it hadn’t had for many years). The Interstitial Cystitis, and the many, many bladder infections I used to be plagued with, also disappeared. I have not had a single bladder infection since beginning to drink raw milk and eat real food nearly two years ago, while previously I was plagued with at least a few a year. My iron levels normalized, and are now high and healthy. The mysterious bruises went away, and never came back. I also put on weight – fat and muscle that I desperately needed. I am now my perfect weight, and it rarely changes. My weight has never been so stable. It’s wonderful to have a stable weight… I feel like it’s a clear sign that my body is in incredible balance.

And I have energy…. a lot of energy! So much energy that sometimes I just have to run from one room to another! And I am so, so happy!! A kind of happy that is not shaken by anything that happens on the outside. Towards the very end of my vegan days, in those final horrible months, I had started to have panic attacks. Anyone who has had one knows how awful they are, how terrifying, and how much they affect one’s general happiness and confidence. Now, fortified with amazing nutrition, including that from raw whole milk, it is hard for me to believe my body and mind were ever so starved and weak that I was having panic attacks… It is truly a miracle how my body and health have changed. I am grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY for what I know about food, and for the access that I have in California to Organic Pastures milk. I just wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today without it. (SB)


In August of this year (2011) I began noticing my diastolic blood pressure was elevated to over 100 (i.e. 158/103). My diastolic (second number) had been in the 90s for many months and my Dr was concerned and wanting me to try medication to lower it. I didn’t want to be on meds, if I could help it, so short of loosing 40lbs immediately (which realistically wasn’t going to happen), I sought out alternatives.

I heard about the raw milk diet where you drink raw milk for 21 days (adding some raw cheese if you need extra calories for work and fresh fruit when necessary). I began this plan in late August. In the first 4 days (taking my blood pressure at mulitple and random times every day) I noticed my diastolic had dropped into the low 90s and was staying down consistently. By the end of one week, my diastolic had dropped into the 80s (never rising once into the 90s for the next two weeks or since when checked). It is December 10, 2011 and my blood pressure remains in the low 80s consistently. I still have the 40 lbs to loose and I’m working on that, but I love the wonderful results I received from drinking raw milk. I continue eating raw cheese and drinking raw milk, and though I have been told in the past I have dairy allergies, I’m having no problem with raw milk products. (KH)


My body needs raw milk. It needs the friendly bacteria which only raw milk can provide. Raw milk is rich in enzymes and pasteurization kills those enzymes. My body needs the enzymes from raw milk. Farmers and their families can drink raw milk, so I support efforts that make it easier for everyone else to have access to raw milk also. (CF)


Since I’ve started consuming raw milk and raw dairy products, I’ve noticed that my feelings of discomfort after having dairy have disappeared. I have more energy as well. And, I have to say, it just tastes so much better! (RB)


As a 50 year old private pilot I fly unpressurized small aircraft 140 hours per year. I have been flying since I was a baby on my dads lap and as a pilot since 16 years of age. Until I started drinking raw milk, I always suffered pressure changes in my sinuses and ears as I would either go up or down in altitude in my aircraft. It was painful and it was very distracting to always be concentrating on clearing my ears. The pain of sinus pressure from blocked or inflamed sinus passages was horrible.

In 2000, I began to drink raw milk. That same year, I stopped having all ear pressure clearance problems and my sinus pressure challenges went away. I know now that raw milk has elements that decrease inflammation (thus opening up eustachian tubes and airspaces etc) and increase immune function. For me this changed my life as a private pilot and my general health.

I fly as a pilot for LIGA, the Flying Doctors of Mercy, and do medical clinic work in Mexico several times per year. My doctor friends get an ear full from me about raw milk and its medical applications when I take them to Mexico now. (MM)